WiFi for passengers - test 3 months free of charge!

Mobile hotspot solutions, simply secure & flexible

With HOTSPLOTS you offer your passengers fast and easy access to the Internet. With just one click, users connect to the WiFi in your bus and surf the Internet via it.

With the Try&Buy campaign we offer you a free trial period of three months. Requirements are:

  • A BOSCH Coach MediaRouter is installed or retrofitted in your bus. This must have the latest firmware.
  • You have an LTE antenna on the bus and provide a SIM card in the router. This SIM card will incur additional costs for you depending on the respective provider.
  • You have set up a free HOTSPLOTS customer account.
  • You have registered your router on your HOTSPLOTS customer account.

You don't have to do anything after the Try&Buy action. The test contract ends automatically. A cancellation is not necessary. HOTSPLOTS will contact you at the end of the Try&Buy promotion.



HOTSPLOTS WiFi for vehicles

Try the flexible WLAN solutions from HOTSPLOTS. Included in the Try&Buy period:

  • HOTSPLOTS FreeRate: 3 months free access to the legally compliant HOTSPLOTS WiFi solutions.
  • Direct-Login for your passengers: Access to the Internet by just one click, without registration for the end user.
  • Mobile hotspot statistics: The HOTSPLOTS customer area provides you with comprehensive statistics.
  • Free support: For you and your passengers, our support team is available to answer your questions free of charge by telephone.


HOTSPLOTS Telemetry offers a basic fleet management service for your vehicles.

Access to HOTSPLOTS Telemetry is free of charge during the trial period.

Start now!

Router Configuration Guide

Please download our short manual for the configuration of the BOSCH Coach MediaRouter here. We provide it in 4 languages:

The instructions contain a summary of the necessary steps such as activating the SIM card, possibly updating the firmware on the router and finally setting up the Try&Buy action.

Do you have any questions?

Our experts in the field of vehicle WLAN will be happy to assist you. You can reach us via the e-mail bus(at)hotsplots.de or by phone at +49 30 29 77 348-83.