Data protection policy

Many thanks for your interest in our website. We are pleased about your visit and your interest in our services. We are seriously considered about the safety of your personal data. We are processing any personal data acquired during the visit of our web site according to german data protection law. Your personal data will neither be published by us, nor given away to third parties without justification. Your username and password as well as all data traffic to our customer area at will always be encrypted by SSL.

In the following we will explain – according to german law, § 13 TMG – which data is acquired during your visits on our web site and to which extend we will process it. Exceeding information in the context of certain products will be given in the corresponding FAQ sections, e.g. for the data collection during (wifi) hotspot usage, data collection at VPN-Routing or data collection at HOTSPLOTS VPN.

Subject of data protection

Subject of data protection is personal data. According to german law, § 3 Abs 1 BDSG, these are statements about personal or material affairs of a certain or ascertainable natural person. These are for example, the name, the date of birth, the postal or email address, the telephone number, and under certain circumstances also usage data such as your IP-address.

Data collection and processing within the framework of this web site

During a visit on our web site our web server automatically stores connection data which your browser is transferring to us temporarily in log files. These are for example browser type and version, operating system, URL of the previously visited site (referrer URL) and time of the day. Your IP address is not stored. We process this connection data in order to optimize the system security, the technical administration of the network infrastructure and our internet services.

This connection data can not be linked to individual persons. A connection of this data to other data sources does not take place.

Data received via contact forms is used only to answer these requests. Afterwards the requests are deleted within six months.

Usage of cookies

Our web site uses so called cookies. These are small text files which are stored on your computer as soon as you are visiting our site. If you are revisiting our web site, the cookie indicates a repeated visit. The cookies do not contain any personal data.

Surely, you can visit our web site without accepting any cookies from us. You can configure your browser such that it will not accept any cookies at all or will ask you before doing so.

If you are not accepting cookies, you might observe limitations when using our services. In order to log into the customer area at the acceptance of cookies is mandatory.

Collection of personal data

During the registration on our web site the following personal data will be collected:

  1. Username and password, which the user can both freely choose. The password will not be stored as clear text, but as a so called hash value.

  2. Address data which is needed to generate correct invoices.

  3. Email address which is necessary to know for HOTSPLOTS in order to be able to send information required by law in case of changes in our GTC. Additionally, the email address is needed in order to be able to use the function „forgot password“.

  4. Optional a telephone number helpful for support.

  5. Optional a fax number, URL of a web site, or the UStIdNr. These items are only relevant for location owners or hotspot operators.

Processing of personal data

Any usage of your personal data is restricted to the following purposes and only to the extend needed to achieve the intended purposes. We are not giving away your personal data to third parties, unless it is necessary in order to fullfill our contract with you or if you have explicitly agreed so.

In order to fulfill our services for certain processes we need to transmit your data to selected external service providers, such as:

  1. For the shipment of goods, the corresponding shipment company.

  2. In case of credit card payments, the corresponding bank.

  3. For DSL or provision contracts the internet service provider or the supplier of advance services (e.g. DSL, cable, optical fibre or cellular phone network).

  4. In case of hotspot installations the local installation partner.

  5. In cases of late payments we are resorting to external debt collectors or lawyers if applicable.

  6. We are reserving the right to obtain credit assessments by pertinent credit agencies.

In all cases the transmission of personal data will be limited to the necessary minimum.

The transmission of personal data to state agencies or authorities will only take place in the context of imperative national regulations or if necessary for the law enforcement in cases of attacks to our network infrastructure.

Right of access / information

Every user has the right of access to the personal data concerning his or her person. Additionally every user has the right of correction of false data, blocking or deletion.

Any data, excepting the username, which is stored during the registration process is always accessible in the customer area of our web site and can be edited or deleted any time.


If you have any questions, remarks or critiques with respect to the data protection at HOTSPLOTS, please feel free to contact us any time at or

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