Access the Internet wirelessly

hotsplots GmbH, founded by Dr Ulrich Meier and Dr Jörg Ontrup in 2004, is a provider of professional Wi-Fi solutions for customers in Europe.

HOTSPLOTS Wi-Fi for guests solutions have a modular concept and can thus be combined flexibly according to customers’ demands. The portfolio ranges from the “classical”, legally compliant Wi-Fi for guests with various access and reporting options to providing Wi-Fi marketing functions to integrating added values such as tourist information, magazines and entertainment content.
HOTSPLOTS can also provide landline or mobile phone based Internet connections.

Together with its over 300 regional installation partners, HOTSPLOTS caters for public Internet access at over 14,000 active hotspot locations. Among them are stationary hotspots in hotels, cafés, hospitals, youth hostels, libraries, student residences and pedestrian areas and increasingly more mobile hotspots on buses and trains as well as temporary Wi-Fi hotspots during events.

The support of scalable hardware platforms for stationary (indoor/outdoor) and mobile (buses, trams, trains) use cases enables HOTSPLOTS to fulfil all customer requirements from one source.