31 July 2018

Analysis and Control of Mobile Hotspots

HOTSPLOTS Telemetry as an ideal supplement for public transportation and bus operators

HOTSPLOTS Telemetry has been improved for use on rail and road. In addition to a new layout and a clear map display, the telemetry service provides easy location options and determines the route data for the mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

Tracking data includes the availability of cellular technology and the illumination of the selected provider along the route travelled. The available mobile signal strength is recorded permanently and automatically via all active SIM cards. The measurement results are transferred from the mobile router to the data centre. All measurement results are processed and made available in an online customer portal.

“The potential combination of GPS coordinates, hotspot usage, and cellular data allows for optimal control and design of the hotspots in the vehicles,” says Ulrich Meier, Managing Director of hotsplots GmbH. “Any existing gaps in the mobile network can be identified and compensated with a second SIM card or with the tourist information and entertainment services stored in the vehicle. The communication channel Wi-Fi hotspot reaches its full potential with HOTSPLOTS solutions. We are working with transportation operators to provide information, advertising, and entertainment to suit the length of stay and the frequency of use of passengers in these vehicles.”

The available data helps vehicle operators to check the providers’ selections during a test phase and, if necessary, opt for the provider with better availability. The live data of the vehicles can also provide information on which routes an offline entertainment portal can be a good supplement for the passenger service.

HOTSPLOTS Telemetry is used throughout Europe by bus operators in long-distance and local public transportation, as well as railway operators in local rail public transportation.




Information about the HOTSPLOTS passenger WLAN service can be found in our brochures for bus operators and public transportation providers.