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25 November 2019

Extension of the youth protection filter at WiFi hotspots

HOTSPLOTS as Internet Service Provider meets the requirements for the certificate of Friendly WiFi.

A comprehensive extension of the youth protection filter used at HOTSPLOTS locations is now in use.

Friendly Wifi - Approved ProviderThe previously used DNS filter list is now supplemented by a "Project Arachnid" filter list. Project Arachnid is a global solution that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and filtering companies can access to improve their filtering solutions in the global fight against online threats to children and young people. This filter list is updated daily.

HOTSPLOTS thus meets the requirements of the British initiative "Friendly WiFi". In addition to the DNS-based filter, the HOTSPLOTS Parental Controls Filter now activates the "SafeSearch" configurations for search engines such as Google or Bing in the default setting. This means that the respective search results are filtered both in the classic search and in the image search before they are displayed in the browser.

You can find out more about the youth protection filter at HOTSPLOTS locations in our current whitepaper (PDF for download).