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2 September 2020

Free WiFi in the buses of ÜSTRA in Hannover

Since September 1, free WiFi has been available for passengers on all ÜSTRA bus lines and on the SprintH buses of regiobus lines 500 and 700.

hotsplots Gmbh, specialist for WiFi solutions in public transport, was selected by ÜSTRA in the course of a tender procedure. In addition to internet access, passengers can now also display "Fahrgastfernsehen" right on their smartphone screens. The latest news from and for Hanover are shown directly via the WiFi portal.

In the future, „Fahrgastfernsehen“ will also be available via a separate "FGF App". Besides the latest news, this app will also offer easy access to the free WiFi for passengers. Furthermore, users will be able to save the contents. In further development stages, new interaction possibilities and further features are planned.

Press release by ÜSTRA (only available in German)