Professional WiFi solutions

One platform for all application areas

With HOTSPLOTS, you can customise your hotspot to match your requirements. We provide you with a technology platform that you can expand to suit your needs covering a vast array of choices and long-term planning security.

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"One platform for all application areas"

That is what HOTSPLOTS WiFi solutions are.


Professional WiFi solutions for all locations

Are you looking for a tailor-made WiFi solution that enables you to offer your visitors, customers or guests free or paid access to the Internet? Are you looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-install WiFi solution that will allow you to operate your hotspot without extensive conversions to your location? Don't want to worry about warning letters?

Then put your faith in HOTSPLOTS' over ten years' experience and innovation. Our high-performance systems prove themselves every day in the catering, hospitality, tourism and events industries, on buses and trains, in libraries and shopping centres and more. HOTSPLOTS sets standards in usability, reliability and security, and is the right partner for you.


VPN routing is an integral part of our services. This ensures that your hotspot traffic is routed to the Internet exclusively through our server infrastructure. In addition, HSVPN offers many technical advantages over conventional VPN solutions. Not convinced? Contact us for more information.

Tailor-made access solutions

With HOTSPLOTS, you decide how your visitors, customers or guests can use your hotspot – for a fee or free of charge, and with a time or volume limit. Our tailor-made solutions allow you to adapt your hotspot to your business model.

Powerful hardware for every application

Our technology platform is compatible with the WiFi hardware of a range of well-known manufacturers. This enables us to provide our customers with optimum high-performance hardware for almost all applications – from hotels and campsites to clinics, buses and trains.

Future-proof security

The legal basis for operating a hotspot is constantly changing. Often, making constant adaptations to all the legal requirements demanded by legislators means a great deal of effort for hotspot operators. With HOTSPLOTS, you can be assured that your hotspot will always be up-to-date with the latest national and international legal requirements. We are continuously adapting our technologies and services to current changes and regulations, without any extra effort from you.

Planning, installation and maintenance service

At hotsplots GmbH, service and consultation are a top priority. Our experts provide you with advice from the outset, develop the best, most cost-efficient solution for your needs, and implement it promptly at your location. Thanks to our pan-European network of certified installation and service partners, we are able to offer the highest standards when it comes to setting up, expanding and operating our systems. If you have any questions or are experiencing problems with your hotspot, you can also contact our support hotline, where our experts will be happy to assist you. Further help is provided either directly over the phone, via remote maintenance or directly at your location.

HOTSPLOTS WiFi for vehicles

WiFi solutions for vehicles

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as mobile Internet access have become a defining part of everyday life for almost every generation – including local and long-distance traffic.
HOTSPLOTS recognized this trend early on and offers powerful, safe, and above all reliable solutions for use in road or rail vehicles. More than 2,000 vehicles already use our WiFi solutions and provide passengers worldwide with wireless and mobile Internet throughout Europe.

Hotspot Roaming and Seamless Connectivity

In public transportation in particular, where passengers often change their journey and possibly change the vehicle type (e.g. train, bus, tram), the automatic re-log into the next hotspot (hotspot roaming) for the comfort of passengers is an important criterion. The convenience arises from the fact that the traveller’s device automatically connects to the available WiFi and the terms of use do not need to be reconfirmed. Access to the Internet is provided directly to the traveller.
Comprehensive coverage of all WiFi-equipped vehicles, stations, stops, and customer centres of one or more transportation companies creates seamless connectivity and real added value for travellers.
These and many other important features are available from a single source – from HOTSPLOTS. HOTSPLOTS advises on and supplies hardware for mobile and stationary solutions. If required, we can also provide you with the necessary access lines or LTE SIM cards.

Entertainment for Passengers

Entertainment Packs add wireless Internet access to mobile hotspots to make it easier for travellers to stay entertained while they are on the move, as well as for sections that do not have a stable LTE connection. HOTSPLOTS enables the provision of digital magazines and newspapers, access to films, TV shows, news, and documentaries, or the incorporation of relevant tourism information for your region – all on the hotspot.

The media files are cached locally on your hotspot router and loaded “on-demand” onto your passengers’ devices. This saves you the data usage and offers a good service even with a fluctuating data rate of the mobile connection.



WiFi – the Individual Communication Channel with Maximum Range

Whether in the vehicle or via an entertainment app at home on the sofa, the WiFi channel offers numerous possibilities in corporate communication. Information and/or advertising may accompany the passenger throughout the entire journey. Possibilities include feedback from passengers through survey forms.



More information is available in the following PDFs:



Your communication channel within the vehicle

A WiFi portal supplements the hotspot with access to the internet and with a communication channel to the passengers. Within the portal, real-time passenger information, entertainment solutions, in-house data and advertising can be integrated. The possibilities here include, among others,

  • The display of data for the current trip, including information on possible transfer connections and any changes due to road work or delays.
  • Display of the current location on the map (“Moving Map”). This presentation can be combined with tourist information about the region.
  • Integration of news (RSS feeds).
  • Access to entertainment content (e.g. magazines, films & series, tourist information).
  • Use of feedback forms for customer surveys.
  • Possibility to display advertising.

Entertainment offers are made available locally on the system and are therefore also available offline. If desired, updates of daily offers can be automated via the HOTSPLOTS Content Delivery Network (CDN) service.

If necessary, updates are imported via “WiFi service stations” in the vehicle depots or at selected stopping points, and thus hardly affect the data volume.

The portal data is offered to passengers automatically and on the browsers of their own devices after connection to the WiFi. The WiFi thus becomes an individual advertising or information channel for the provider.


More information is available in the following PDFs:

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HOTSPLOTS Entertainment

Today, it is important for passengers to have a WiFi connection on board. Especially on routes with limited mobile phone reception, an additional on-board entertainment offer makes it possible to increase passenger satisfaction. HOTSPLOTS Entertainment offers a flexible supplement to the WLAN offer at mobile hotspots in long-distance travel. Hollywood blockbusters, series or daily updated TV entertainment, documentaries and news - with HOTSPLOTS Entertainment an attractive portfolio is always available, even for multi-day trips. For the passengers this way even with longer journeys time flies by.

HOTSPLOTS TV to go - always there

HOTSPLOTS TV to go brings the latest TV entertainment via your WiFi hotspot to the terminals of yourguests. For vacationers at the campsite, as an added perk to dormitories, or to bridge driving or waitingtimes – the uses are endless. A selection of TV shows is always available offline on the hotspot router or the HOTSPLOTS Appliance. This protects your available data volume and allows you to use it even if there is currently no Internet connection.

HOTSPLOTS Cinema - Great cinema for your passengers

HOTSPLOTS Cinema is now setting the standard with the latest “Made in Hollywood” feature films and series. Using the mobile Hotspot hardware in combination with the HOTSPLOTS media stick and the HOTSPLOTS App, your passengers can have your entertainment services on their devices.

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More information is available in the following PDFs:


This is HOTSPLOTS Press

HOTSPLOTS Press is the ideal solution to make waiting and travel times as pleasant as possible and to provide a strong added value to increase customer satisfaction. With this offer you extend your hotspot to include a wide variety of national and international newspapers and magazines. Your customers, guests and visitors can read them on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Digital media publications are always in stock and – once downloaded to your customers' devices – can be read offline later on.

A short time after the regular print editions have been published the digital versions are available – automatically, without any effort from you or your staff. HOTSPLOTS Press is an economic, ecological and modern kind of news stand right at your location – with an extensive selection of always up-to-date content. This service offers an innovative added value for hotels, all kinds of waiting areas, hospitals, buses and trains and a lot more. It can easily be added to almost any location.

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HOTSPLOTS Tourist Info

HOTSPLOTS Tourist Info – your digital tourist guide

In just a few clicks, you can use HOTSPLOTS Tourist Info to turn your hotspot into a digital tourist guide. Thanks to HOTSPLOTS' partnership with hubermedia GmbH, you can use your Wi-Fi landing page to display tourist information and offers available in the area of your hotspot location free of charge. In this way, you provide your customers, visitors and guests with significant added value by providing regional offers such as events, excursion tips, hiking and biking trails, weather information and a digital guest folder via your hotspot.

The highlight - location-related basic offer is available to you completely free of charge. Simply activate the service in your customer area, and select the categories you would like your guests to see on your landing page. Content is provided by well-known tour guides and several local tourism associations and is updated regularly.

HOTSPLOTS Tourist Info enables you to offer your guests a high-quality digital tourism information portal for their holiday - without any additional costs or effort for you. You also have the option to add more content as well as your own information (such as digital guest folders or menus), thus allowing you to benefit from the targeted advertising of your own products and services. If you are interested in this add-on service, our experts would be happy to advise you.

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You have the option of adapting your landing page to your corporate design, uploading your own content and much more. Interested? Then call us on +49 (0)30 29 77 348-84 or email vertrieb(at) to receive tailored advice for your location, without obligation.


HOTSPLOTS Telemetrie as an ideal supplement for public transportation and bus operators

Für Ihre Fahrzeuge bietet HOTSPLOTS Telemetrie einen Basis-Service zum Flottenmanagement an. Damit können Sie die Standorte und gefahrenen Strecken Ihrer Fahrzeuge überwachen und nebenbei die Qualität der Mobilfunkanbindung des jeweiligen Providers auf Ihren Strecken messen.

The potential combination of GPS coordinates, hotspot usage, and cellular data allows for optimal control and design of the hotspots in the vehicles. The live data of the vehicles can also provide information on which routes an offline entertainment portal can be a good supplement for the passenger service.


More information is available in the following PDFs:

Internet access

Hotspot provisioning

Our hotspot provisioning agreement includes the complete Wi-Fi hotspot package with associated Internet connection. The Internet connection is dedicated to the provision of the Wi-Fi hotspot. You receive everything from one source.

We have almost no pre-set specifications for the local network (LAN and WLAN). Any existing professional network can be used for the hotspot. HOTSPLOTS simply needs to supply the hotspot router or appliance, as well as the (DSL) routers and modems on the Internet side. If requested, we can also plan and deliver the entire network.

Internet access

HOTSPLOTS offers you the most suitable Internet connection for your hotspot. We select the best solution for your location from a variety of different suppliers and technologies, regardless of whether it is DSL, VDSL, coaxial cable, fibre optic or LTE etc.

If you require a high bandwidth, several connections can be used in parallel at one hotspot. Load balancing is integrated into the HOTSPLOTS appliance software.

Legal protection

Allowing us to provide your hotspot and Internet access means that you are fully protected against all legal consequences of the misuse of your hotspot by third parties. In legal terms, you are neither the operator of the hotspot nor the owner of the Internet connection; however you still decide the conditions under which HOTSPLOTS offers Wi-Fi access at your location.

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Our offer gives you the best Internet connection for your hotspot – and all from a single source.

Would you like further consultation with no obligation to purchase? Then call us on +49 (0)30 29 77 348-84 or email vertrieb(at)


A hotspot with marketing potential

HOTSPLOTS offers not only a high-performance hotspot, but also a useful extension to your location-based marketing. You are free to customise all contact points within your Wi-Fi network and adapt them to your corporate design. Access to the Internet via your hotspot is preceded by a special landing page seen by everyone who logs into the hotspot. This login page is freely configurable - simply log into your own customer area and use the convenient editor to populate it with your own content. This free advertising space enables you to inform your visitors, customers and guests about your own offers, events, and much more.

Your digital business card

Use this opportunity to adapt the name of your hotspot to your location. It will be easier for guests to find your Wi-Fi network with an easily recognisable name than with the pre-assigned SSID that most providers use - after all, it's about putting you and your company in the spotlight.


You will, of course, receive marketing material from us to help you advertise your Wi-Fi hotspot. This includes stickers, table toppers and user guides.


Planning, installation and maintenance

When planning and installing your hotspot, HOTSPLOTS offers advice from the outset.

In addition to our partner network, the HOTSPLOTS service team is also available to provide on-site Wi-Fi planning and installation. As even the best wireless networks need cables, HOTSPLOTS is certified as a master tradesman business by the Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer) and registered in the Electrical Installation Directory (Elektroinstallateurverzeichnis). If required, our own technicians can also work hand in hand with local partners. For example, in larger installations, capacities can be bundled and subsequent maintenance work and extensions can be carried out by the installation partner alone. Of course, this also applies to your service provider of choice.

Our specialists have extensive know-how and experience, as well as the equipment required to plan, install, and, if necessary, suppress interference in Wi-Fi networks of any size. This applies to permanent installations as well as temporary installations for events.

If there are any malfunctions, or if you have a problem with the system, you can reach us via our service hotline, where we will provide you with quick, expert assistance.