The HOTSPLOTS tariff system

HOTSPLOTS provides you with a variety of ways to offer your visitors convenient and secure Internet access. In all cases, you decide the tariff for your hotspot and whether your users access the Internet free of charge or by paying a fee. Hybrid variants which enable both free and paid access are also available.

Free access for your users limited or unlimited the FreeRate variant
If you want to offer your users free Internet access, either for a limited or unlimited time period, use the HOTSPLOTS FreeRate.
Naturally, you can also limit free access to the users of your choice. All others (e.g. neighbours, uninvited guests etc.) can only use the hotspot for a limited period of time, for a fee specified by you, or not at all. In such cases, we take care of the billing.

Paid Internet access for your users  – the sales variant
You set the tariffs for Wi-Fi access, and receive the largest share of the proceeds. No extra effort, no monthly fee, and no minimum turnover.
Your personal customer login gives you an overview of sales development at all times. HOTSPLOTS takes care of all billing and security issues for you.
You can change your tariffs at any time, as you are best positioned to know what is appropriate. HOTSPLOTS offers a wide range of tariff variants, based on both Internet surfing time and data consumption. Naturally, your employees can also surf the Net free of charge. For users who prefer to pay cash instead of using the convenient online payment options, you can simply provide location tickets (Internet vouchers) you can create in your HOTSPLOTS customer area. You do not need a special printer for this.
If you include your company logo, these vouchers are also an ideal advertising medium.

Regardless of whether you choose a free, paid, or hybrid variant: our flexible Wi-Fi access and security system enables tailor-made solutions for every hotspot provider.

Tariffs for paid access

The following options are available for paid Internet access:

Location tickets

Location tickets offer the most flexible tariff design. A variety of browsing durations and data volumes can be set at almost any price, and in various currencies.

For customers registered with HOTSPLOTS, there are time and volume-based tariffs with two options for cost capping. If a user is not already one of our more than 2.3 million registered customers, they can register quickly online.

Time-based tariffs


Here you can set an hourly or daily cycle. You can set prices for your customers between 0.50 and 5.00 euros for hourly billing - this is calculated on a per-minute basis - and between 2.00 and 10.00 euros per 24 hours or part thereof.

Volume-based tariffs


The billing for volume-based tariffs is based on the amount of data consumed. Here the price is 1.5 cent per (commenced) megabyte.



FlexiFlat (option)


Under this variant, users pay a maximum of 14.95 euros per calendar month, regardless of surfing time or data volume. Requirement: users must be registered with HOTSPLOTS.


LocationFlat (option)


The LocationFlat tariff allows the operator to set a flat-rate fee anywhere between 6.00 and 99.00 euros per month.



In order to enable Internet access, users must register free of charge on the HOTSPLOTS website. They can then use this customer account to top up their credit (prepaid). You can also provide location tickets, which you can personalise with your logo or an image and sell to your customers. These location tickets contain a username and password assigned by HOTSPLOTS.

Regardless of the option you choose: HOTSPLOTS takes care of everything related to access control, billing, and profit distribution to you.

Revenue share

If you sell location tickets to your customers, you receive 60 % of the profits, and 40 % goes to HOTSPLOTS.

Even if customers are surfing using one of the paid biz-rates via your hotspot, you also benefit. Every time a customer accesses the Internet, your hotspot sends information to our billing system to tell it which customer is online and for how long. Depending on your chosen tariff, we calculate each transaction in minutes and megabytes. HOTSPLOTS automatically pays you a large proportion (up to 60 % of turnover) of your net sales. You don't even need to write an invoice: you can simply go to the customer area of your account and download your statements from there.


The HOTSPLOTS FreeRate enables you to offer your guests free Internet access. There are three ways you can offer users free Wi-Fi access:

Access with just two clicks using Direct-Login*


This is the most convenient form of login for new users. End users simply accept the usage conditions on the login page. For Direct-Logins, time or volume limits can optionally be set per calendar day or per week.


Free tickets


You can create free tickets. To do so, go to the customer area on the HOTSPLOTS website, add your logo or a different image to one of the location ticket templates, and print as many as you want using a normal printer. You can then share these with your customers free of charge. Location tickets are automatically assigned a username and password. Hand the location tickets out to your guests, who can then log into your Wi-Fi hotspot using the login details provided.

Login with HOTSPLOTS account


Users have previously registered on the HOTSPLOTS website free of charge and opened a user account. They log into the HOTSPLOTS website using their login details  – and you don't have to do anything.




Costs are fixed in the  HOTSPLOTS Biz price list. The price list is valid in the eurozone countries supported by HOTSPLOTS.

If you have any questions, please call us on +49 (0)30 29 77 348-84, or email us on vertrieb(at) to receive tailored advice for your location.

*Direct-Login access is available in Germany. In other countries, the forms of access are partly limited for legal reasons. Please contact our sales department.