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A trend-setter in Baden-Württemberg since 2015

SWEG provides its passengers on trains and buses in the Upper Rhine region with free WiFi from HOTSPLOTS. Passengers access the Internet by means of direct login – which means they accept the conditions of use but don’t provide any personal data. SWEG decided on a volume restriction of 50 MB per passenger per day.

SWEG was awarded the Local Public Transport Innovation Prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg in the “Customer benefits through digitisation” category in March 2017 for its free Wi-Fi and its pioneering role in local public transport:

“SWEG has offered this service to its customers faster and more comprehensively than other companies”, said Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport of Baden-Württemberg. Access is very easy, there is no irritating advertising and the system is technically secure, said the Minister in awarding the prize. Johannes Müller, Chairman of the Board of SWEG, accepted the prize of EUR 4,000. “I am proud of our technicians for the fact that the WiFi is so stable – even at the German-Swiss border”, said Müller. The appeal of public transport for young people is increased by the free Internet access. “With us, you can surf the Internet or check your emails at your leisure during the journey – if you were driving, you would even face a fine for this.” A positive side-effect is that vandalism of the vehicles equipped with WiFi has also declined.

(Source: press release from SWEG "Die SWEG erhält den Innovationspreis 2017", 3/15/2017)

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