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Brochures about HOTSPLOTS WiFi

Brochures about HOTSPLOTS Media products

Brochures about HOTSPLOTS solutions (stationary hotspots)

  • City Rendezvous - WiFi solutions for towns, cities and communities
    (German / English / Spanish / French)
  • Medien verbinden - WLAN Lösungen für Bibliotheken (German)
  • Gesundheitsnetzwerk - WLAN Lösungen für Kliniken (German)
  • Online Service - WLAN Lösungen für Bankfilialen (German)

Brochures about HOTSPLOTS solutions (mobile hotspots)

  • Online on tour - WiFi solutions for bus operators (German / English)
  • Online every day - WiFi solutions for local public transport operators  (German / English)
  • HOTSPLOTS WiFi Portal (German / English)
  • HOTSPLOTS Telemetry - Your Fleet always in view (German / English)

Brochures about HOTSPLOTS solutions with Bosch Coach MediaRouter