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HOTSPLOTS operation

Welcome to the HOTSPLOTS FAQ. Here you can find interesting and helpful information about the operation of your Wi-Fi hotspot.

FAQ hotspot operation

  1. Do I have to pay for the usage of my own hotspot?

    No, of course not. The operator can use his hotspots for free. Furthermore he can make a list of free users. This way, friends, girl friends or flat mates don't have to pay either - indepent of the chosen tariff.

  2. How does the billing work for hotspot operators?

    With each usage of a hotspot, that is not free of charge, the hotspot operator’s share is calculated. At the beginning of a new calendar month, the payable credit balance is updated.

    You can transfer your income to your bank account. The minimum amount for bank transfer is 10 EUR.

    Alternatively you can use the money to pay for location tickets for reselling.

  3. How do I print tickets with my company's own logo?

    As operator of a WLAN hotspot you can download location tickets (vouchers) as PDF files. You can print these yourself and give them to your local customers. You can choose between tickets to sell or tickets to give away for free to your esteemed customers or guests.

    The PDF files are optimized for printing on card templates (85 x 55 mm) as they are offered by Sigel. No cutting is necessary. This way you can cost-saving way to produce valuable tickets. But the biggest advantage is that this way you can use the tickets as advertising material for your own company.

    You can put your logo or company's information on the tickets: Upload an image file with your own design to our server. You can choose out of several precast layouts where this image will be automatically inserted. It must not be larger than 80 x 20 mm to fit into the ticket layouts.

    If the positioning an the card templates fails, please check the properties of your printer driver first.

    If the borders of your printouts don't fit the card templates, you can compensate this error buy setting correction values for the x- and y-direction on the page where you choose your ticket template. For further questions please consult your printer manual.

  4. Can I return location tickets?

    Yes. Go to the customer area and choose the menu item "Location tickets". Click "Options" for the tickets you want to return.

    In the top part of the following page you can change some properties, which have no influence on the price HOTSPLOTS charges for the tickets, which more often than not makes returning the tickets unnecessary. For the cases this is not sufficient you will find the button "Return tickets" at the bottom of the page.

    Any amount already charged for returned or still unused tickets will be settled with the next invoice for location tickets or running contracts. The returned tickets of the sheet will then become invalid.

  5. Do I have to write down names of ticket customers?

    No. In the EU there ist no legal obligation to record personal data of ticket customers.



  6. Are there service accounts with limited access for ticket management?

    An existing customer account allows the creation of subaccounts with limited user rights. This may be useful in such cases when, for example, a hotel manager wants to enable employees or the service personnel to create location tickets without giving them complete access to all functions of the hotspot management.

    At the bottom of the form under "My customer data" in the customer area you can find a link to register a service account.

    The new account is then linked to the "parent account". After logging in to the service account all ticket functions of the "parent account", such as printing or reordering tickets, can be used. Managing hotspots, changes to the settings or using hotspots are not possible with such an account.

  7. How can I check whether VPN routing is on?

    Hotspot operators can check the functionality of VPN routing in three ways:

    1. If you are connected to your own WLAN hotspot, you can open with any web browser. On this page your public IP is shown and whether VPN routing is active or not.
    2. The status of the VPN connection is shown under menu items Status and VPN routing in the hotspot router's web interface.
    3. In the customer area under menu item My hotspots in the row labeled "VPN-Routing" it is shown whether VPN routing is active or not. For active VPN connections date and time of the last VPN accounting entry is given as well as the IP adress of the VPN server.
  8. What information is stored at usage of VPN routing?

    After connecting to or disconnecting from the VPN server timestamp, hotspot name, IP address of the VPN server, the hotspot's public IP and VPN IP address are saved together with the amount of transfered data.

    After logout data that is not needed for billing purposes is temporarily stored for technical maintenance and support. In an effort to reach an optimum between privacy protection and quality of service we go clearly below the legal limit of seven days [March 2017]. At the moment [March 2017] we delete these data after three days.

    All data that is needed for billing purposes is deleted monthly if it is older than five months and the bill is paid without objection.

    Please notice the data protection policy of our website too.

  9. Is HOTSPLOTS registered with the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency)?

    Of course. hotsplots GmbH was registered with the Bundesnetzagentur for its offer of commercial telecommunication services for the public in accordance with § 6 Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG - Telecommunications Act) under the registration number 05/423 in 2005.

    Equally naturally HOTSPLOTS complies with the obligation to create and maintain a security concept according to § 109 TKG.

    Like any provider offering chargeable time-based tariffs according to § 45g TKG HOTSPLOTS is required to prove the correctness of the connection rate calculation. For this reason, HOTPLOTS has itself audited by a publicly appointed and sworn expert for telecommunication and connection rate calculation every year. Evaluation and audit report are then checked by the Bundesnetzagentur.

  10. Do I get a regular receipt?

    At the moment everyone can download his invoices as PDFs.

    In order to pay off VAT in credits or write invoices without VAT for customers in the EU, we need the custeomer's VAT identification number in advance.

  11. Does HOTSPLOTS also offer Internet connections?

    Yes. In the context of so-called hotspot provisioning contracts HOTSPLOTS acts as the operator of the local hotspot network and activates Internet connections in its own name to operate the hotspot. This works stationary with DSL connections, fibre optic or coaxial cable as well as SIM cards for mobile phone networks.

  12. I have several hotspots. How can I add different billing addresses?

    If you have various billing addresses you need one user account for each billing address. Therefore, you should create different user accounts before setting up the hotspots and link them to the respective account.

    For questions and moving a hotspot to a different user account please contact our contract management team.

  13. How can I abrogate the HOTSPLOTS service?

    You can delete you customer account simply with a mouse click in the Customer area. If you have active contracts please cancel these contracts in written form.

    We recommend to delete your hotspots before you delete your account. In the customer area under My hotspots you find a button at the bottom of the page, where prefererences of the hotspot, like tariff, are set, called "delete this hotspot".

    Please consider that the income of a hotspot will be credited to your account on the 1st of the following month. You can withdraw you payable income under My account > Pay out.

    To delete your account finally, please go to Personal data in the customer area and click on "Click here to delete your membership". Your account will be immediately deactivated after pressing the confirmation button "Yes, delete account".
    Please consider, that remaining balance you might have on your account, will be lost.

  14. How do I find the MAC address of my device (Android, iOS)?

    You can find the MAC address in the settings of your mobile device. You can download a short instruction for various Android and iOS versions here:

    Quick Guide MAC address